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Frank Majikes, Chairman Bill King, Vice Chairman Mike Ognosky Frank Victor, Treasurer

Wilkes Barre C & TC Montrose Area JSHS District II Secretary 1113 Johns Street

P. O. Box 1699 75 High School Road 544 School Road Hazle Twp, Pa. 18202

Wilkes Barre, Pa. 18705 Montrose PA 18801 New MIlford, Pa. 18834 570-427-8681 x 1010

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Meeting was convened at 4:15 p.m. by Chairman Majikes


ITEM 1 Chairman Majikes called the meeting to order at 4:15 p.m.


ITEM 2 Absent but accounted for: Bill King, Frank Galicki, Al Holtzer, Vito Quaglia, Jay Starnes, Christopher Thomas, Michele Tierney, Ben Tolerico, Chad Vinansky, and Maureen Williams.


Visitors present: Don Rogers, District II Solicitor, Chris Kucharski


ITEM 3 Following the taking of roll, Chairman Majikes asked for a brief recess in the meeting in order to conduct a mediation between a member school and a PIAA Official in order to seek a resolution of a matter that occurred at a Varsity Boys’ Basketball game in January. If successful, that mediation would eliminate the need for a potential hearing between the parties scheduled for this afternoon. Upon his return to the meeting, Chairman Majikes informed the committee members that the parties held a lengthy discussion and had arrived at a private resolution of the dispute that was acceptable to all concerned.


ITEM 4 Bill Schoen introduced Chris Kucharski of the Northeast Pennsylvania Football Network, who then made a presentation regarding the live internet broadcasting of all District II Championship events in all sports. His company would provide live web audio broadcasts and promote district news, team and school information, information of student-athletes, and coaches. It would include the broadcasting of 60 championship broadcasts and every District II sport would be included. In exchange for these non-exclusive broadcast rights to broadcast unlimited District II post season events via in the internet in all 24 sports his company would pay an annual fee to be negotiated between the committee and his company. His hope is that he could start broadcasts with the Fall 2015 sports season. Following the presentation and discussion, the Committee asked that a specific proposal be brought back for consideration.


ITEM 5 A motion was made by Pat Patte, seconded by Danielle Adams, to approve the following sets of minutes: March 26, 2015 Committee Meeting; April 8, 2015 Committee Meeting; and April 14, 2015 Annual Business Meeting. All Ayes


ITEM 6 Frank Victor, District II Treasurer, presented the monthly Treasurer’s Report. As of May 19, 2015 the District has a total fund balance of $222,325.13. That balance includes a savings account total of $66,570.09; and a checking account total of $143,133.32. The District also has a Certificate of Deposit with PNC Bank for $12,621.72. The starting fund balance for this year as of July 1, 2014 was $217,951.12. A motion was made by Chris Gegaris, seconded by Ron Collins, to accept the report as presented. All Ayes


ITEM 7 Spring Sports Reports:


·         Baseball (Frank Majikes): Chairman Majikes reminded the committee that the upcoming Baseball Championships will be held on Memorial Day at PNC Field. He surveyed committee members for their interest in assisting with the operations of the games on that day and developed a schedule for their help. Games are scheduled as follows: AAA at 10 a.m.; AAAA at 1 p.m.; A at 4 p.m.; and, AA at 7 p.m.

·         Softball (Pat Patte): Pat reported that sites have been established for the District II Championship games as well as any first round PIAA State games that District II may host. The Committee will utilize Marywood University, Mid Valley High School, and Wilkes University as those potential sites.

·         Swimming (Fred Barletta): Fred provided a detailed financial report from the 2015 District II Swimming Championships. The report detailed the revenues from ticket sales and program sales that was generated as well as an itemization of all costs associated with the operation of the championships. Total revenue was $14,024 while total expenses were $11,558.56, yielding a net profit to the District of $2,465.44. Following the presentation of the report, a motion was made by Pat Sheehan, seconded by Chris Gegaris, to approve the report as submitted. All Ayes

·         Boys’ Tennis (Bill Schoen): Bill thanked all involved for their assistance in the running of this year’s championships. All three tournaments – Team, Singles, and Doubles- went off without any major concerns. The weather was perfect for all three tournaments and did not require the utilization of any indoor facilities.

·         Football (Mike Ognosky): The PIAA State Committee will continue their study of the potential move from 4 to 6 classifications at this week’s PIAA State Committee meeting held in conjunction with the State Track and Field Championships at Shippensburg University.

·         Track and Field (Danielle Adams): Danielle thanked all for their help in the recently completed AA and AAA Championships held at Scranton High School. She provided a preliminary financial report regarding revenue and expenses with a detailed report to follow at a future meeting. She still has entry fees outstanding from a limited number of schools as well as final expense reports regarding payments for officials, workers, etc.


ITEM 8 The Committee acted on the following eligibility requests:


·         A motion was made by Pat Sheehan, seconded by Ron Collins, to approve the immediate eligibility of Christian Black, Coughlin to Holy Redeemer, in accordance with Article VI, Transfers, Residence, and Recruiting, Section 4, Principal to Principal sign off, of the PIAA by-laws. All Ayes

·         A motion was made by Bill Schoen, seconded by Fred Barletta, to approve the immediate eligibility of Mikael Johnson, Wyoming Valley West to Wyoming Area, in accordance with Article VI, Transfers, Residence, and Recruiting, Section 4, Principal to Principal sign off, of the PIAA by-laws. All Ayes

·         A motion was made by Bill Schoen, seconded by Danielle Adams, to approve the immediate eligibility of Kyle Naperkowski, Wyoming Area to Coughlin, in accordance with Article VI, Transfers, Residence, and Recruiting, Section 4, Principal to Principal sign off, of the PIAA by-laws. All Ayes


ITEM 9 A motion was made by Pat Patte, seconded by Joe Farrell, to approve the immediate eligibility of Espinosa Sandoval Marine, Belgium to Dallas High School, in accordance with Article VII, Foreign Exchange Students, of the PIAA by-laws. All Ayes


ITEM 10 Chairman Majikes informed the committee that an eligibility hearing will be scheduled as soon as possible regarding the potential transfer of two Nanticoke student-athletes to Berwick.


ITEM 11 Chairman Majikes informed the committee that there was a recent forfeit of a Wyoming Valley Conference game between Nanticoke and Meyers in which Nanticoke utilized a pitcher in violation of the pitching rules established by the PIAA. Chairman Majikes informed the committee that the Nanticoke Administration quickly brought the matter to his attention when discovered. A motion was made by Fred Barletta, seconded by Pat Patte, to commend the Nanticoke Administration for their quick and appropriate actions in this situation. All Ayes


ITEM 12 Chairman Majikes informed the Committee that he is the final stages of working with the Mohegan Sun Arena Officials in order to bring the 2016 Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball Championships to that facility. When all items are complete he will bring a finalized proposal to the Committee for their consideration.


ITEM 13 Chairman Majikes instructed the District II Treasurer, Frank Victor, to contact officials at FOX 56 in order to procure final payment for the broadcasting of the recently conducted District II Track and Field Championships. Payment had not yet been received as of today’s meeting.


ITEM 14 Chairman Majikes provided the committee members present with an initial proposal from Max Preps offering all PIAA Districts the ability to opt in to a formal agreement providing for a partnership that would provide all district member schools with a streamlined process for score entry from the regular season through state championships.


ITEM 15 Chairman Majikes advised the committee that he has been contacted by PSBA and there will be a change in the School Board Representative to the District II Committee. Michele Tierney, Abington Heights, is the current school board member on the committee, and has done a fine job in her brief tenure on the Board. Her services will certainly be missed.


ITEM 15 A motion was made by Ron Collins, seconded by Danielle Adams, to adjourn the meeting. All Ayes


Meeting was adjourned at 6:20 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,


Mike Ognosky


Mike Ognosky

District II Secretary




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