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Here is the format for the District II/IV Boys and Girls Basketball Tournament for 2012-2013.  Please note that ALL tournaments are OPEN Tournaments.  Only those schools who wish NOT to participate must have their principal contact Frank Majikes via email by FEBRUARY 11, 2013  at:






            1.  Divisional Championship

            2.  Winning Percentage (League)

            3.  Head to Head competition in League play

            4.  Record (%) against teams of the same classification in League play

            5.  Record (%) against teams that finished above you in your Division play

            6.  Flip of Coin




Seeding will be completed by the District II Basketball Committee.  The #1 AAAA Team from the Wyoming Valley Conference and the #1 AAAA team from Lackawanna League will be compared to the District IV representative based on Overall Record.  The representatives can be seeded 1-3 (BOYS) or 1-3(GIRLS).  However, #3 (BOYS) or #3 (GIRLS) team is then compared to the remaining teams in the tournament field based on overall records.  League Champions will always be seeded higher than non-champions when comparing the #1 team in the LIAA and WVC.  Once the District IV team is seeded, criteria (1 through 6) from the seeding criteria from above will be employed to complete the seeding.  If the District IV team does not participate in the playoffs, leaving only District II teams, all seeding will be based on league records and the criteria listed from above. 





  • There will be a meeting of all schools involved in the tournament on Monday, February 18th.  The site and time of the meeting will be announced.


  • The dates for the tournament are as follows:


Play in games in AAA Girls and AAA Boys will be scheduled on either Friday, February 15th or Saturday, February 16th based on the completion of the league schedules.


Boys (A, AAA) – Girls (AA, AAAA):        


            First Round (AA & AAA)                             Tuesday, February 19th

            Subregional Quarterfinals (Girls AAAA)       Tuesday, February 19th

            Quarterfinals:                                                  Friday, February 22nd   

            Subregional Semifinals (Girls AAAA)           Friday, February 22nd  

            Semifinals:                                                      Tuesday, February 26th  

            Subregional Finals (Girls AAAA)                  Tuesday, February 26th

            Finals (Boys A, AAA, Girls AA)                   Friday, March 1st    

            ## District II Finals (Girls AAAA)              Friday, March 1st


## A District II Girls’ AAAA Championship will be scheduled for Friday, March 1st ONLY if Williamsport wins the 2/4 subregional.  If Williamsport wins the subregional, the District II teams it defeated in the subregional semifinal and final will play for the District II Girls’ AAAA Championship.


Boys (AA, AAAA) – Girls (A, AAA):


            First Round (AA & AAA)                             Wednesday, February 20th

            Subregional Quarterfinals (Boys’ AAAA)     Wednesday, February 20th

            Quarterfinals (Boys AA, Girls A, AAA)        Saturday, February 23rd  

            Subregional Semifinals (Boys AAAA)           Saturday, February 23rd

            Semifinals (Boys AA, Girls A, AAA)            Wednesday, February 27th  

            Subregional Finals (Boys AAAA)                  Wednesday, February 27th   

            Finals (Boys AA, Girls A, AAA)                   Saturday, March 2nd   

            ## District II Finals (Boys AAAA)               Saturday, March 2nd


## A District II Boys’ AAAA Championship will be scheduled for Saturday, March 2nd ONLY if Williamsport wins the 2/4 Subregional.  If Williamsport wins the subregional, the District II teams it defeated in the subregional semifinal and final will play for the District II Boys’ AAAA Championship.


  • All quarterfinal, semifinal, and final games in all of the brackets of the tournament will be played on neutral sites at a time and location to be determined by the District II Basketball Committee.  This information will be posted on the District II website at www.piaad2.org and the tournament brackets will also be found on the web site with updates as the tournament progresses.


  • All First round and play in games in the AA and AAA tournaments will be played at the site of the higher seed.


  • All quarterfinal round winners will receive a basketball from District II. 


  • The District II Basketball Committee will select the sites and times for all quarterfinal/semifinal/final games played.  


  • All ticket prices will be $6 for adults and $4 for students at the door.


  • Only District II Gold passes will be honored in all district games.  No school or league passes are to be honored.


  • Complimentary tickets will be provided beginning with the quarterfinal round. Each school will receive 15 complimentary passes to be distributed as they wish for each game.  Pre sale of tickets will be for finals only, and only at the request of the schools.
  • District II will advance the following number of teams in each classification to the state tournament (same number for both boys and girls):  A (1), AA (3), AAA (3), AAAA (1). 
  • First round of the State tournament will be on Friday, March 8th for A and AAA Boys, AA and AAAA Girls.  First round of the State tournament will be on Saturday, March 9th for AA and AAAA Boys, A and AAA Girls.
  • Commencing with the quarterfinal round in each bracket, the District II will be responsible to provide a trainer on site for all contests, if necessary.
  • The brackets in all classifications are based on all teams opting to participate.  Those brackets will change if teams select to opt out of participation. 
  • Officials will be assigned by the District II Officials’ Committee

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