2013-2014 WVC Schedules, Results, and Standings

Thursday, August 01 2013 @ 12:07 am EDT

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Here are the updated schedules, results and standings for the WVC fall, winter, and spring sports. Updates are made on a daily basis with the winner of the contest marked in bold red. In cases of tie games or matches, both teams will be highlighted in bold blue.

2013 WVC Football----2013 WVC Field Hockey----2013 WVC Girls' Volleyball----2013 WVC Girls' Soccer----2013 WVC Boys' Soccer----2013 WVC Golf----2013 WVC Girls' Tennis----2013 WVC Boys' Cross Country----2013 WVC Girls' Cross Country----2013 WVC Fall League Standings

2013-14 WVC Boys Basketball----2013-14 WVC Girls Basketball----2013-14 WVC Wrestling----2013-14 WVC Boys Swimming----2013-14 WVC Girls Swimming----2013-14 WVC Winter League Standings

2014 WVC Baseball----2014 WVC Softball----2014 WVC Boys' Tennis----2014 WVC Boys Track----2014 WVC Girls Track----2014 WVC Boys Volleyball----2014 WVC Boys Lacrosse----2014 WVC Girls Lacrosse----2014 WVC Spring League Standings

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