2009-2010 Lackawanna League Schedules, Results and Standings

Thursday, July 16 2009 @ 08:17 am EDT

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Here are the final results and standings for the 2009-2010 Lackawanna Interscholastic Athletic Association leagues.

2009 Lackawanna Boys Cross Country------2009 Lackawanna Boys Soccer Schedule
2009 Lackawanna Football Schedule------2009 Lackawanna Girls Cross Country Schedule
2009 Lackawanna Girls Soccer Schedule------2009 Lackawanna Girls Tennis Schedule
2009 Lackawanna Girls Volleyball Schedule------2009 Lackawanna Golf Schedule
2009 Lackawanna Fall League Standings

2009-10 Lacka Boys Basketball Schedule------2009-10 Lacka Girls Basketball Schedule
2009-10 Lackawanna Wrestling Schedule------2009-10 Lacka Winter League Standings

2010 Lackawanna Baseball Schedule------2010 Lackawanna Boys Tennis Schedule
2010 Lackawanna Boys Track Schedule------2010 Lackawanna Girls Track Schedule
2010 Lackawanna Boys Volleyball Schedule------2010 Lackawanna Softball Schedule
2010 Lackawanna Spring League Standings

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