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You can view all of the 2008-2009 LIAA league schedules and results of contests played here. When a contest has been played and the score recorded the winner will be placed in BOLD RED. Just click on the link of the schedule you wish to access. If a contest has been played and the results have not been posted, please contact the webmaster with the results by clicking on the link on the right hand side of the home page. There is also a link to the current standings in all of the leagues as well.

2008 Lackawanna Boys Soccer --------2008 Lackawanna Boys Cross Country
2008 Lackawanna Girls Cross Country -------2008 Lackawanna Girls Tennis
2008 Lackawanna Girls Soccer -------2008 Lackawanna Girls Volleyball
2008 Lackawanna Football -------2008 Lackawanna Golf
2008 Lackawanna Fall Leagues Current Standings

2008-09 Lackawanna Boys Basketball Schedule--------2008-09 Lackawanna Girls Basketball Schedule
2008-09 Lackawanna Wrestling Schedule--------2008-09 Lackawanna Winter League Standings

2009 Lackawanna Baseball Schedule------2009 Lackawanna Boys' Tennis Schedule
2009 Lackawanna Boys' Track Schedule------2009 Lackawanna Boys' Volleyball Schedule
2009 Lackawanna Softball Schedule------2009 Lackawanna Girls' Track Schedule
2009 LIAA Spring League Standings

PIAA District II